Catalytic Lamp

Catalytic lamp – what is it?

Catalytic lamps are used to sterilize the air, remove unpleasant odors and give the room a selected aroma using a catalytic burner consisting of a volcanic sto­ne and a cotton wick. The combustion process takes place without a flame, ensuring the safety of residents and the environment. Thanks to the catalytic effect, the lamps help prevent the smell of cigarette smoke or pets and help prevent allergens and dust mites in the air. The low-temperature diffusion of the lamp operation also spreads the intense scents of the fragrance oils contained in the liquid used in the catalytic lamp, the aroma of which does not decay, unlike, for example, in scented candles. The catalytic lamp help destroys bacteria such as E. coli, S. aureus, E. aerogenes, mites and mold spores. Tobacco smoke odor particles and unpleasant odors generated during cooking or generated by pets such as dogs or cats are reduced.


Main product properties

  • removes unpleasant odors from the surroundings
  • gives a pleasant, intense fragrance in rooms
  • the combustion process takes place without a flame
  • helps to remove cigarette smoke, animal smell or cooking aroma
  • eliminates allergens and mites
  • one lamp allows you to use many fragrances